What is Studio Radium?

We are a multifunctional studio, located in the LABgebouw in Maastricht with a usable surface of approximately 1000m². We organize the cooperation between audio-visual experts and entrepreneurs, while we make sure that you will have a smooth and stress-free experience when you work with us.

Why choose us?

Studio Radium is the ideal place for companies, institutions, the creative industry, and entrepreneurs to produce high-quality photo and video content. We at Studio Radium can take almost all the work of your hands, which means you only have to come up with an idea. The studio is available as a standalone so that you can control every aspect of your production, but we are also open to collaboration. It's not only a beautiful space with professional equipment, we are also able to provide everything from styling teams to video crews.

Photo studio

Photographers, models, changing rooms, clothing, tripods, cameras, lenses, light sources (both natural and artificial), flashers, light shapers, backgrounds, green screen, blue screen, background system, wind machine, trigger set, light box, dimmers, gaffer tape and clamps.

Hybrid events

An important USP is our ability to have a physical and online audience. At Studio radium we believe that a live audience provides resonance, interaction, and energy. We are equipped for +/- 150 guests and with the SESSIBON lounge, we also offer an unforgettable reception. More good news; even the seating and possible stands for the public are present.

Video studio

Create corporate films, case movies, instructional videos, multi-camera recordings (live), recruitment videos, live webinars, promotional videos, company journals, sales videos and much more.

- We believe in the power of communication via audio-visual content -

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